Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alright, so I have been out of the game here for a little while- but I promised my brother I wouldn't apologize for anything on this blog, so I won't.

There have been some pretty big changes in my life as of late. Or rather, the changes will begin to take affect this coming Monday. As many of you know, I currently work at a medical non-profit that does continuing medical education. Its not anywhere near my dream job, but whatever. Actually, my "dream job" is to not have a job at all and be financially independent, paint, write and take photographs during my waking hours and sell my work (i.e. professional artist). This is what I am meant to do. Anyone want to give me $10,000? I am convinced that if I had $10,000 I could turn it into a million dollars within ten years and then I would live off of the interest. 10 years is a long time to get out of the office, but its not as long as a lifetime.

I really don't think I am cut out for the office lifestyle. In my mind, I feel like an ape in a china shop. Is that a quote from something? I am sure I am not the first to use that simile.

Cary Tennis over at Salon said in his post today, "The 'office' is a diabolical laboratory of the human soul in which the mind is extracted from the body and used as a discrete computing cell in a vast engine of commerce. In the course of adaptation, the human personality is subjected to unholy stresses similar to those experienced by apes in a cage." I like that explanation.

I do have to say though, that I am good at it. Mainly because i am detail oriented and have a compulsive need to complete tasks in one sitting. So alas, this is where my life is right now.

Starting Monday, I will be working at a well known university in Washington, DC at the School of Music working partly as the assistant to the dean, partly as a development director, and partly as a PR coordinator. My office has my name on the door. Its permanent, its a for sure thing. Slightly bigger salary, tuition benefits (I can work towards getting a master's), bigger responsibilities, bigger learning curve. Yes, it is a step up from my current job. But is it a step up in the direction I want to be going? Not really. Not at all. The biggest attraction is free tuition at this VERY expensive school. The drawback to this attraction? They don't offer any master's programs that are creative in nature (does Architecture count?), and music is not my forte. Though, I have had fantasies about being the lead singer in a grunge band. What? You can't picture me doing that? meh.

I do believe that it will be an enjoyable job for the most part, and I am genuinely looking forward to it. Change is a good thing.

The other thing that is changing soon is that we are moving out of our roach infested apartment building where the front door lock is broken every other day, into a nice, two bedroom, gorgeous apartment in Georgetown. Yes, that's what I said, Georgetown. Our next door neighbor (literally) is Bob Woodward. I am not bragging, I am just trying to convey a sense of bewilderment. Never, have I ever, imagined that I would live in Georgetown. This is the neighborhood where Condoleezza Rice meets Scooter Libby for coffee (well, not anymore). Don't get me wrong- it has never even been a desire of mine to live there. It just sort of happened. People in Washington vy for apartments in Georgetown. People will pay exorbitantly high rent to live there. It is in demand so much, that network television should do a show in the same vein as American Idol, but with people competing to get an apartment there.

I wont go into how this came about, but lets just say it fell into our laps. Actually, the new job did too. And these two things happened on the same day. It's strange how life works. Isn't there a saying that things come in three's? I am still waiting for the third thing.

Also, I am considering discontinuing this blog all together. The theme doesn't really make any sense does it? I started out the blog, not really knowing what it was going to be about, so it ended up being about everything. A part of me wants to start fresh, with a whole new blog with a more streamlined theme. I haven't completely made up my mind though. Any suggestions?