Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cookbook in the Works?

I won't get into much detail now, but one of my best friend's (Ed) from college and I are really excited about a collaborative project we have decided to work on.

We both talk about cooking, and scrumptious food all the time and share various creative recipes that we have made up. Well, we have decided to make a cookbook of it.

So far, we are just in the brainstorming phase (just thought of it today). Basically, its going to be a cookbook that suggests different meals for different occasions. Like, a meal for when you are watching the State of the Union Address, or what to make for a mother's day brunch, or what to make for a first date, or a creative thanksgiving dinner menu, or "The Week Long Get Through A Breakup Menu (because you know it will take more than one meal)"... The possibilities are endless! We want to include various music albums (maybe even mix tape lists!?), and movies to go with each experience. Because of course Ed and I have impeccable taste when it comes to music and food.

Obviously the food is the most important element, but my mind is reeling with funny scenarios to begin each chapter- (Imagine this: Your future inlaws are coming over for dinner for the first time (gasp!) You know that the father has a penchant for WWII reenactments and Manhattans, and the mother has NEVER liked any of your boyfriend's previous girlfriends and has been known to get drunk and make rude remarks at the dinner table. What are you going to make? What are you going to talk about? What are you going to do? What would be the appropriate background music to play?)

We already have a graphic designer lined up (Right Ilsa?- I've never met you but I hear you are nice!)

So the plan of attack is that Ed and I are going to each trade a recipe to each other every week and make each others recipes, fine tune them, write them, take pictures of the food, and just start making a collection! We have high hopes and aspirations for this project- we really want to get it published when its all said and done, or at least make a proffessional looking book and distribute it to our friends and family.

We even have an idea for a second cookbook- dedicated to men cooking for women. There would be meals for "what to cook when you were supposed to see that movie together but you went with your friends instead," and insert tips on how not to piss off your romantic partner and win them back through cooking (and music).

Needless to say, we are excited. This is just a bit of the ideas we have tossed around.


Elissa said...

So exciting! Delicious, healthy and fun! Yes!

Ivy said...

Yay! You blog, and you want to make a cookbook! I'll help...taste testing? contribute? Fun!

julie said...

Do it! You know I've had fantasies about writing a cookbook, too, but yours sounds much more interesting. I have been keeping track of some of our favorite recipes, though, on another blog - there's a link in my sidebar. There aren't very many, yet. They focus on easy, relatively cheap, and hopefully kid-friendly. And perhaps even healthy if I'm lucky. Eventually I'd like to put up weekly menus that stay around the $100/week range for groceries. My motivations are purely selfish, though. I love food, especially good, interesting food, but I get really burnt out with the planning and budgeting aspect of cooking for the family. So my goal would be to come up with a variety of menu plans that I could just rotate and make my life easier. Maybe.
Good luck!
You can definitely put me on the list for recipe testers. I'd love that.