Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birthday Dinner

Let me just say that my boyfriend is very sweet. His intentions are always good, he is my sweetheart. He has been very good at putting up with me the past couple of days, and did a good job making me feel good about my b-day.

Yesterday was my birthday. I wasn't very excited about it this year- maybe i was having some sort of pity party about getting older- about where the time has gone- about what little I have accomplished compared to what I want to accomplish...

I have decided that the next twelve months are going to be a time of major transition. I am going to feel happy and satisfied with my efforts. What will it take for me to feel satisfied with them? That I am trying. I am going to try harder than I ever have before at actually DOING what I say I want to do. Which is painting on a regular basis, taking lots of pictures, and trying to get my art career off the ground.

Back to the birthday. Daniel took me out to this really interesting restaurant in Silver Spring. Its called Jackie's- a 70's inspired gourmet TV dinner restaurant that shows old black and white movies. Pretty unique I thought. Good food too. He is also getting me a digital camera- so that means I will get to start posting pictures!

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