Monday, October 30, 2006

Kitty's Home


Since I moved to DC almost a year ago, I have been missing my beloved feline friend, Obsidian. I had to leave her in Portland, and thankfully my mother has been dutifully watching over her, though her husband has not been terribly thrilled.

Obsidian- I have had her since I was in high school- she has been with me through more than any boyfriend- and most of my now friends. I used to feel the same way about my car- my truck (Sam, the '89 Isuzu pup). But the truck is gone now, loooooooong gone in a dump pile somewhere- reincarnated as a garbage disposal or something.

So, Sid (as I like to pretend her name is- Obsidian is a bit of an embarrassing name?) along with my dad, are right now as we speak, in my apartment in DC. Yes, my dad took her on a plane and brought her here to stay. My mom's husband decided he didn't want the responsibility of a cat over the holidays. So, the poor thing, skittish as she is, got on a plane with my cat-terrorizing dad.

Here is a bit of history on Sid: I have no idea what the first year of her life was like. She just showed up on our doorstep one day when I was a senior in high school. She was obviously hungry and very scared. But her hunger trumped her fear, so she came to us for food. She seemed like she had been on her own for quite a while and had to fend for herself. So, we took her in, fed her, and eventually one day she became known as "our cat, Obsidian." As a result of her first year of life as a stray cat, she has always been a little more squimish than your average household cat.

My dad has a long, sordid history with cats which includes chasing them with brooms for fun. I don't know why, but he thinks its funny when a cat puts it's ears flat and hisses, growls, and runs for it's life with its hair sticking straight up.

Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive about my dad making the 10 or so hour plane trip, which included a plane transfer with a layover. I am happy to say that she made the trip without even so much as a peep (according to my pop), and since has been trying to get used to being in DC in a new apartment. I don't think she is having an easy time of it though, since she tries to hide under the bed or in the kitchen cabinets every chance she gets. My dad has been surprisingly sweet and doting to her though, always insisting that she curl up on his lap so he can relentlessly pet and scratch her chin.

The broom chasing is still going on probably right now as I am writing this. My dad is a traditional guy as far as gender roles go. I have long given up that fight with him, so I do most of the domestic stuff when he is around. I can justify it because he is my guest staying with me in my apartment- I would do that for any guest. Anyway, there have been several times while I'm in the kitchen that I hear LOUD cat screams, hissing, and scampering.

That's right, its my dad chasing the cat with a broom. Don't worry, there is no physical violence, it just sounds violent. I don't think there is anything I can do about it at this point since this is the way its always been. Though, I do think that it will take her much longer to acclimate to her new home once he leaves....

Ed- you may be the only one who finds this amusing, but I want to assure all others who read this- there is no animal abuse going on here.

Oh, and thanks Dad, Mom, and especially Suzanne for getting her out here. It was definitely a family affair.


Elissa said...

I'm with your Dad on this one, much as I love that cat, it was pretty amusing how she'd hiss anytime you came near her.

Julie said...

Is he really still doing the broom thing? No way.
Felix: he's got his own issues - you explained why here - , and it has taken him a long while to re-socialize. He's a good cat, and even lets Dad pet him now.