Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Freudian Slip

I have never been one to dress up as a "sexy nurse" or other ridiculous "sexy" costume for halloween... I never understood the point. My best ever costume was one I pulled together last minute from what I had in my closet: A Gun-Slinging Chinese Cowgirl. It consisted of an outrageous, bright-red line-dancing dress, pig tails, gun holster with water guns, cowgirl hat, Mary Jane Chinese shoes, and Geisha style makeup. I wonder now if this was kind of a racist constume, especially since Geisha's are Japanese. But I would like to think rather that I was challenging stereotypes by being 3 stereotypes rolled into one package. Afterall, isn't that what Halloween has mostly evolved to, making fun of stereotypes? Think about most of the costumes and traditions surrounding Halloween- witch decorations in people's front yard, slutty costumes, racist costumes (like the ever popular dressing up as a Native American costume). These are all only representing one stereotype at a time. I say, if you are going to dress up as a stereotype- you might as well go crazy and be several stereotypes at once. Like, be a sexy old lady dressed in male drag. If you do that, it becomes that you are actually challenging the stereotypes since you can't put them into any one category. I say, confuse people- thats the most fun I could ever have on Halloween. Absurdity is so great, which is why Halloween is so fun.

This year, I think I might take the advice of The Budget Fashionista and be a "Freudian Slip." She says to do this: "Head to your lingerie drawer or to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart for a full slip (you know the kind your mother told you to wear underneath thin dresses). Using fabric paint, write the words "ego","id", etc all over the slip." Awesome.

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