Thursday, October 26, 2006

Google Images

Here are the pictures that came up when searching on Google images for people I know. This may only by funny to those mentioned here (but who else is reading this anyway?)

Hey, I have an idea- Wouldnt it be funny to have your Halloween costume be your Google Image picture?


My boyfriend:

Elissa:Oh wait, that's actually her! (on the right) She must be famous.



My Dad:

My Mom:
This is actually some art that comes up from a Google search from a class she teaches

My Brother: A music video he produced:
On the Outside

My Older Sister:

My Second Oldest Sister:


your favorite brother said...

I prefer this one.

Who is that weird looking guy, and who wrote that bio?

Mom said...

Hey !
I'm so glad you used a photo of me when I was thin !!!! :-) come I had to find out about this blog from your middle sister's blog???????????