Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Artist Spotlight: Peter Hujar


Edwin Denby

(not sure what this one is titled)

I will always be drawn to portraiture photography, especially when its phantasmagoric like Peter Hujar's.

These photographs look like something I could dream about. You know those really vivid dreams you have where you don't necessarily remember the plot, but the images are imprinted onto your mind throughout the rest of the day? Any time you close your eyes, instead of seeing those little white dots, you would see an image from your dream? It reminds me of Fredrico Fellini films.

Peter Hujar's work is being included in an exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art (AMOA). The exhibit is called The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene, 1974-1984, which includes work by over 200 artists. If you live near the area, I would highly recommend going (it's also a travelling show).

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Julie said...

Wanna go when you come visit? I looks like the exhibit runs through the end of January.