Thursday, November 30, 2006

Squabbles between Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

I am 26, I am not sure where I fall in terms of generation. I seem to fall smack dab in the middle between Gen X and So I either don't know what I am talking about or I have an unbiased view.

The relationship between Gen Xers and Baby Boomers is bitter sweet, much like how teenagers don't appreciate their parents wisdom until they have kids of their own. Be patient though, their generalized disdain will soften around the edges.

The main generalizations:
Baby Boomers: stubborn, community oriented, activists.
Gen Xers: self-centered, bored, adaptable.
(I dont think anybody in real life falls into any of these categories, but this is just the general consensus as far as I understand it).

Some people think that it's post modernism to blame for the differences in values between the generations. I have not read Fredric Jameson's work on Post Modernism, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, but from all of my art history classes, I could have sworn that in Art Discourse, no one can really agree on when exactly it began? Many believe it began in the 1950's, but not everyone. Not only that, no onee can even aggree on what post modernism is let alone if it is still a current phenomena.

Another issue I have with a generalization the Baby Boomers have of Gen X feminists: "Embrace your inner slut," seems to be a common stereotype a lot of people think of when they think of the contemporary feminist. Mind you, I am not offended. Its just that I hate it when people assume that is the message of Third Wave Feminism, because its not. If it wasn't for 3rd wave feminism, feminism would either be dead in the water or feminists would go on trying to beat the male species down with their ideologies. It's not about embracing your inner slut, its about being okay with who you are and not having to explain yourself to anyone, especially 2nd Wave Feminists.

Alright, alright. This isn't my favorite kind of blogging (going on a rant), but I just had to say something about the subject after I read this article .


Ryan said...

You're 26, I'm 29 - we're not part of Gen-X. We are solidly in the next generation. While I am technically part of generation Y, I have more in common with the "Millenium Generation" born in the early 80s.

Gen-Xs didnt grow up with computer and internet technology, and they are not all comfortable with it.

Gen-Ys did, and they generally have used computers more.

Millenium Generations grew up WITH the internet, they are often accused of having ADD across the board.

Luckily my personality type can be misdiagnosed with ADD. Even more lucky I went to school before I could be put on ritlin.

Anna O. said...

Thanks for the clarification Ryan, I have never been really sure which one I fall into. Though we did grow up with the internet, I dont remember it being a huge part of my life until I was in middle school... What is your first memory of the internet?