Monday, November 20, 2006

Naomi Wolf

I met one of my all time favorite feminist writers this weekend.

Naomi Wolf is an incredibly famous feminist scholar and I got the opportunity to hear her speak to a very small audience about progressive interfaith religion. The only reason I was able to go was because my boyfriend was a main organizer of the event. It was a kick off event for a new Think Tank called The Institute for Progressive Christianity. (which isn't about being religious, etc; but about how people can fight the christian fundamentalists who try to control public policy.

Naomi Wolf wrote a revolutionary book in the early 90's about the female image in American media called The Beauty Myth. It addresses how the ideal standards affect areas of everyday life; violence, hunger, sex, religion, culture, and work. Everyone should read it, not just women because it addresses how this phenomena affects all members of a society. This book has had a profound impact on my life.

I was so nervous, but I think I did alright considering how much I like her.

So, I met her, shook her hand, told her how much The Beauty Myth impacted my life, and she signed my copy of her latest book The Treehouse. She wrote on the inside dedication page, "For Beth, Love thyself, Naomi Wolfe"

I suppose there are advantages to living in Washington.

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