Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Then of course, there was Election Day

Many people may not realize this unless you live in DC or the immediate surrounding area, but folks who live here can't vote today. May seem shocking, yes, but it really does make sense since DC is not a state. After all, what would we do, just pick a random state and vote? I don't think so, though that would be nice.

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up, a third of the Senate, and 36 governorships.

Have you ever wondered why its always in November? Congress picked November because in 1845, when more than 60% of the country lived on farms--November was when harvest work was done.

It's always held on Tuesday because many people had to travel a day or longer to get to a polling place. Most Americans wouldn't travel on a Sunday.

Maybe I should have followed in tradition and taken a day to travel to Oregon so I could vote.

Yep, that's right- I didn't file for my absentee ballot in time (45 days ago). I am ashamed, but it's true. There, I said it.

Oh, and the moon is 93% full. It will be full tomorrow when we should hopefully know the results... Fortuitous for ballot counting scandals?


Craig said...

People in DC might not get to vote for Senate and the House, but, and I might be wrong, but don't they get to vote for things like Mayor and City Council, as well as "shadow" Senators and Representatives?

It still kinda stinks that a place with that many people doesn't get its own (real) Senators and Representatives.

Elissa said...

It's ok, the Dems won! Woot! Woot!